Welcome to Blank Canvas Tutoring, a tutoring service which offers an engaging, supportive online environment and a new perspective  for young people who are not in full-time mainstream school.



Frequently Asked Questions

What lessons do you currently offer?

                      Thursday mornings 25th July - 29th August 

                            9.30- 10.30 am - Primary-age English 

                            11.00-12.00 - Secondary-age English 

(contact me to discuss a best-fit in terms of age and starting point) 

These lessons are ideal for young people who are out of school or experiencing challenges with accessing school and want to develop their skills over the summer holidays which can be a stressful time for many with a lack of routines and opportunities to socialise. 

Who are your lessons aimed at?

I aim to be as inclusive as possible and want to be able to reach those who do not access 'mainstream' education either through choice or through circumstances and needs not being met. My lessons are not about 'catching up', GCSE exam prep, homework help or fast-track learning.  

How much do you charge?

1 hour lesson  - £20 per person. 

How are the online sessions structured?

Online group lessons - 6-10 learners per session. 

Online classes on Zoom are 1 hour long with a short break half way through. Lessons are topic-based and link to the wider world, events, current affairs and society as well learners' interests.

We would usually start with a question or problem to discuss before looking closely at vocabulary, language or structure and approaching texts by reading and then writing.

I encourage learners to keep a note-pad during lessons and to read and write at home in between lessons but I understand the pressures and challenges of this for some and that everyone learns differently and at a different pace. 

I aim for my lessons to be fun, challenging, collaborative, relaxed and engaging.

What subjects do you tutor online?

I teach English online including creative writing, non-fiction writing, SPAG skills and strategies, vocabulary and etymology, discussion and debating skills and reading strategies, skills and approaches. 

I also have experience of teaching maths, science, drama, film-making, music, PE, PSHE, citizenship, health and social care, EFL, ESOL and modern languages (French, Spanish and Italian). 

What is your approach to teaching and learning?

I teach with a focus on purpose and functionality, making links across curriculum area and topics. I have a love of languages and cultures and love to broaden my own and others' horizons through learning. I see beyond the comparmentalised curriculum and aim to develop critical thinking and reasoning skills through discussion and gently challenging views and beliefs. I develop supportive, collaborative learning environments in whcih everyone is genuinely valued and learners support each other to grow and learn. 

I am not exam-focused, but I am able to support learners to progress towards Functional Skills exams with tips, techniques and terminology for the syllabus. 

What other experience do you have?

I have experience of teaching adults who have returned to learning, supporting them to acheive Level 1 and 2 qualifications in English and maths.

I currently also teach ESOL to groups of migrants from a diverse range of countries including Ukraine, Peru, Turkiye and Afghanistan. 

I have experience of teaching young people with learning disabilities in a generic special school where I am a class teacher teaching across all subjects and leading the school's maths provision. 

I lead the Duke of Edinburgh provision in a special school and have experience of developing outdoor learning provision in a range of settings.  

I established a successful alternative provision pathway in an FE college in North Yorkshire. 

I have managed all aspects of GCSE and Functional Skills English and maths provision in an FE college for six years. 

I have managed and taught on traineeship, NEET and foundation learning provision in a number of FE colleges in Yorkshire and Lancashire. 

I have first-hand, personal experince of PDA, ASC, ADHD and school-based trauma. I have two children, both of whom have had periods of being out of school, home schooling and have had invdividual and bespoke tutoring. 

I run a circus skills club and circus skills workshops for young people in Skipton, North Yorkshire.

Why 'Blank Canvas?'

Young people are blank canvases, ready to learn, to be challenged and  develop their invididual characters through exploration, communication and collaboration. Rather than moulding young people to fit expectations and meet benchmarks, I want to help them to learn in ways that suit them and to make learning meaningful and enjoyable. This often means undoing some of the rigidity and negativity associated with mainstream education which, with my professional and personal experience, I feel well-placed to be able to help with with.

I have a creative family, my wife and two children produce incredible art work on canvases when they have the right conditions to do so. I also love camping in our family bell tent where being sheltered under canvas is such a peaceful and relaxing experience. 

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